Kentri Short Buffer System - Shockwave Profile

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With the Kentri short buffer system you make your AR rifle or pistol more compact, and still have the option to use a pistol stabilizing brace, without breaking the bank.  Made from type III hardcoat anodized 7075 aluminum and stainless steel, the Kentri extends just 3.5 inches from your lower receiver, and uses a standard mil-spec bolt carrier (not included).  The tube is available in two profiles compatible with popular stabilizing braces: the SB Tactical (KTRSB) and Shockwave Blade (KTRSH).  The Shockwave profile is shown in the photo with the units installed.

Featured in the New Gear section of RECOIL magazine issue 34!

Compatible with pistol (9mm and 40S&W, open end BCG without pinned weight .930" diameter) and rifle calibers (up to, but not including 375 SOCOM).  In rare cases, under gassed AR15 systems have a slightly increased instance of failure to feed.  In every instance increasing gas pressure has led to a successful resolution.  Use with blowback pistol calibers will experience a reduced duty cycle of the carrier spring versus direct impingement based on multiple factors including ammo and carrier mass.  Replacement carrier springs will be made available.

Installation instructions can be found, here.

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